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 Learn How To Trade Stock Market with the help of using Psychology and Modern Neuro ScienceFor the first time in India, Magic Carpet Trading is introducing the Magic Carpet Training System. Learn how to unlock the secrets of your brain power to master the stock market.

Richard Friesen Live

"Making Money Magic"


Hear Richard Friesen reveal what he has learned after 20 years of trading in the “pits” on the floors of major US Exchanges.  He has traded on the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and was a director of the Pacific Stock Exchange. He is the inventor of seven significant patents in electronic trading. He has successfully trained traders for his own trading firm. He now believes that India is a land of promise and wants to build a trading firm here to give you the same opportunities that he had.

You can learn his Mind Muscles™ program that condenses years of experience into days. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet, learn and join with one of the world’s most effective stock, futures and options trader.

Learn Why 95% of active traders lose money

 Yes, we know that most active traders lose their money within first month of their trading. You have heard stories about how they gambled away their savings. They are victims of their own emotions such as “Greed” or “Fear”.  You can take advantage of their losses with our training. 

 Magic Carpet Trading is looking for professional traders from all walks of life.

 To make sure that everyone who feels they deserve more for their life can attend, we are giving this session at introductory price of just Rs 1000.

Your Magic Carpet experience can pay dividends for the rest of your life.

Book your seats today and change your life forever. There are only 100 seats available for this one day event.


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The Pride Hotel
Banquet / Lunch
# 93, Richmond Road,
Bangalore, Karnataka